We try our best to keep prices at the minimal level required to produce the high quality that our clients deserve. At the same time, we do know what it is like to be a student on a budget, therefore we offer the following set of discounts. Thank you for choosing us!


Over $399.00

You are eligible for 5% life-time discount when you spend $399.00 in total

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Over $599.00

You are eligible for 10% life-time discount when you spend $599.00 in total

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Over $799.00

You are eligible for 15% life-time discount when you spend $799.00 in total

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We offer discounts to our customers, and these discounts largely depend on the status of the customer.

Whether you are a first-time customer or a lifetime customer, we have something in store for you with regards to prices and discounts.

We will ensure that you pay less for our services but get papers that are outstanding. Here, whichever angle you may want to look at it from, it is you the customer who gets to benefit the most from using our service.

First-time CustomersFirst-time Customers

We value customers at our service, and we like to show first-time customers that they stand to gain a great deal by making use of our services in the short term and even over the long haul. First-time customers get to enjoy lower prices for our services, and the discounts that they will get will primarily depend on the size of the orders they place. Small orders will get discounts that are reflective of the price of the order, and on the other hand, first-time customers with large orders will enjoy discounts commensurate with the size of the order.

First-time customers enjoy a discount of 15% for the very first order that they place with our service. These customers can use a coupon code Think15, from where the price of the whole order is generated.

This 15% discount is eligible to those first-time customers only, and other customers get discounts depending on the extent of their usage of our services.

Lifetime DiscountsLifetime Discounts

Thanks to our writers who produce papers that are top-notch, our customers like to retain our services and keep placing orders for more papers by the day. We highly value our customers, and this explains why we invest a lot of effort and time in coming up with papers that are not only original but also of high quality.

This is a total win-win situation for both the client and our company since the client gets papers that are outstanding, and we continue to earn from them when they use our services over and over again.

Our customers are eligible for discounts when they spend a certain amount of money on our service, and the extent of the discount varies depending on the amount spent.

For customers who have spent $399 on our service, they stand to receive a discount of 5% when they use our services. The 5% discount is constant for the rest of the time that they will use our service, and it is bound to increase as they spend more on our services.

For those customers who spend over $599 on our services, they get to receive a discount of 10% when they use our services. The discount that our customers are eligible to receive increases proportionately to the amount of money they spend and this is the proper incentive for our customers to continue making use of our service in the long run.

Moving forward, those customers who spend a total of more than $799 on our service stand to receive a discount of 15% when they use our service. These customers will enjoy a 15% discount every time they use our service, and since we are in the sole business of coming up with original and outstanding papers, our customers stand to benefit hugely by making use of our services.

If you want to enjoy our services, you might want to rethink how you use our service. You will benefit if you continue using our service over time.

Seasonal Sales and PromosSeasonal Sales and Promos

Since our customers expect nothing short of quality and outstanding work from our service, we always enhance and refine our service and make it client friendly as much as possible. Apart from offering discounts to first time and lifetime customers of our services, we also have periods where we offer seasonal sales and promotions to our customers. We do this in a bid to attract more customers and to show them how affordable, reliable and efficient our service is.

During some periods, we extend some promos and seasonal sales to our customers. We do this by offering special discounts or other price incentives to our customers so that they can continue getting quality work at lower prices. This way, customers get to enjoy our services by paying less and in return getting content that will earn them impressive grades.

Back-to-school PromoBack-to-school Promo

When it comes to promos, we offer them in time so that our customers can get maximum value from our services at reduced prices. The Back-to-school promo is currently trending on our service, and customers who use college20 code stand to get a discount of 20% when they use our service.

Since this is the period when a majority of students resume studies, we have designed this promo with a goal of showing how professional our service is, and how students can get quality papers by using our services. When you order a paper during this period, you will get the 20% discount as long as the promo is on.

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