Below there are answers to the questions we get most often from our clients. If you feel we missed something, don't hesitate to contact our customer support department to get the information you need.

General Questions and InfoGeneral Questions and Info

  • MMy deadline is urgent. Can your writers meet it?

    In the past, we have handled tasks within 8 hours, and we have delivered quality work. So that we can immediately commence work on your paper, fill the order form, and we will have a writer work on it instantly. However, the cost of the paper will be low if we have ample time. Our advice to students is to order their papers at the right time to avoid last minute rush.

  • II would not say I like the final paper

    Our site provides for a personal account page which you can use to communicate with your writer regarding revisions and rewriting. You can also give us detailed information regarding the aspects you need to be amended by clicking on the "revision request" button. You can even reach our customer support who will facilitate revision of your paper.

  • WWhere do I start?

    You can visit our site and fill out the order form. Provide all relevant details by filling out all sections so that we can get the appropriate writer for the job. In case you are experiencing difficulties here, or have some special writing request, you can make a point of reaching out to our customer support through available channels.

  • DDo your writers have what it takes to write quality papers?

    By all means! Our team of writers is well-versed in what they do. They are degree holders in their fields of writing, and they draw from their experience in the academic arena as well as the professional writing scene. We assign tasks to writers based on their fields of expertise and level of education. If you are an undergraduate, your writer will be a holder of a Master's degree, and if you are a postgraduate student, then your work will be in the hands of PhDs.

  • IIn which ways do your services stand out?

    We are different from other services in some ways. Our service allows for end to end communication between you and the writer to ensure that they follow your expectations and requirements. We churn out original work - thanks to the coordination between our writers and editors who ensure that the content we produce does not match other works of other people. Further, our writers are experts and professionals at what they do. They have solid academic backgrounds which allow them to write outstanding papers. Moreover, our customer support is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to help you with your queries. What's more is that we offer unlimited revisions until the work meets your standards.

  • WWhat do you offer in the writing space?

    We are versatile when it comes to our offerings. We are in the business of creating content for professionals as well as students out there. We mostly handle case studies, essays, research projects, dissertations, papers, presentations, theses, research proposals, book reviews and other postgraduate projects. We also write admissions, reports, grant proposals, CV's, scholarship essays, resumes and copywriting. Reach us if you think that your writing need does nor feature in the list.

The WritersThe Writers

  • HHow about communication with my writer?

    We encourage this. After we process your order and assign you a writer, you are free to get in touch with them via your account page. Excellent communication will help to pre-empt mishaps or misunderstandings regarding the production of your paper.

  • AAre your writers well-versed in English?

    Our writers speak English well, and they are total native English speakers. They have attended institutions that use English as their primary language for communication.

  • AAre your writers qualified?

    Our writers have degrees from accredited institutions of higher learning. A significant majority are holders of Master's degrees. Our writers fall in the Bachelor's degree to Ph.D. band, and they pass through an intensive and thorough recruiting process before they can write for us. We always match the orders to relevant writers in that field. Further, your paper will be handled by a writer who is at least a step ahead of you with regards to your current education level.

Questions Regarding GuaranteesQuestions Regarding Guarantees

  • HHow can I be sure that I will receive unique content?

    We only start working on your paper when you place an order and make a payment. Your writer will work on the article ground up. Further, once you accept the final product, we transfer the ownership of the paper to you and clear it from our systems. That way, it cannot be sold to another client.

  • II am concerned about privacy

    We do not share any personal data about our clients with other parties. We have contracted a payment processor who facilitates payments, and the entire process relies on the most recent versions of SSL security protocols.

  • WWhat about the originality of the work?

    We are actively against the practice and idea of using the works of other people without giving them credits due to them. The fact that ours is a custom writing service limits the extents to which our writers can plagiarize since they follow your instructions. When you place an order, your writer will start working on it and will hand it over when complete. Rest assured that you will not come across this content elsewhere.

  • CCan I disclose to my professor that I engaged your services?

    No. You should not do that. We respect your privacy, and we keep your data confidential. In that same vein, maintain discretion with regards to the nature of our services.

  • HHow do you handle missed deadlines?

    In this case, we will process a refund. However, we do not miss deadlines. The chances of this occurring at our service are meager.


  • MMy order is complete. How do I get to know?

    There are at least two key ways in which you can know about the completion of your order. You will either receive a personal email informing you of the completion, and if you are an avid account user, you will notice that your paper is complete and it is ready for download. If it meets your standards, clicking the "approve" button changes it to a Word document which you can download for further action.

  • II left out some details in my order instructions

    Reach out to customer support. They will take immediate action. If your paper is in progress, notify the writer by messaging them via your personal account page.

  • HHow do I make the payment?

    After duly filling out the order form, make your payment by accessing and checking out your "shopping cart." Use any key debit/credit card, eCheck, wire transfer or PayPal. A third party payment processor handles all check out procedures, and they are secure and fool proof.

  • II do not know how to place an order

    You will find an order form on our site. Fill it out so we can capture your information and assign you a writer.

Questions Pertaining the Legality of Our ServiceQuestions Pertaining the Legality of Our Service

  • WWhen I use your service, is it completely legal?

    Of course. Just like any other online business, we offer legitimate services to clients.

  • SSince I am using your writer's work, am I not using somebody else's ideas as mine?

    Absolutely not. When you use our service, your writer will come up with a paper that is well written, and once you approve it, it becomes your property.