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On Essay Thinker we provide a complete list of services. Starting with academic writing that includes essays, creative writing assignments, lad reports, case studies, movie and literature reports, research, term and thesis papers and up to dissertation help. Also, you can turn to us with any issue regarding resume writing or editing. What’s more, we do web content, copywriting, press releases and other types of business writing.


We respect your privacy and make sure all the information you provide us is kept safe. All data is encrypted and stored on secured servers. It is used for the purpose of providing the best user experience only and is never shared with a third-party member. What's more, we use a secure SSL certificate to perform all financial operations.


Not only do our writers have the most charming smiles we ever met, they each have an advanced college or university degree. We carefully test them for research and writing skills to make sure they are native English speakers (and did not skip their classes). We can proudly say that our core team has maintained its original composition through years. This enables us to choose the best from the best.

Here’s What Happens Why You Might Want Our Help

Research Papers Can Be Very Tiresome

Many college students know how tiresome and challenging writing research papers is. In the library, residences, sports facilities, and halls, you will not fail to overhear students talking about how difficult they find it when working on research papers. For most of them, it is an uphill task that consumes a lot of time and effort.

What makes this worse is that these students will handle these essays as long as they remain in school. What's more, these research papers are poised to get more complex as you advance in your studies, and they may as well increase in number down the road too. It does not get any easier.

There could be a significant disconnect between these research papers you are asked to write, and what your purposed to do with your life. This disconnect arises from the fundamental differences that exist when it comes to life interests, career choices, and studies.

A significant majority of students often end up working in fields that they never even studied in college. If this reflects your situation, then you might wonder why you are doing some research papers in areas that you might not apply in your entire life. That has been the case for some students for a while now, and from the looking of things, that trend is not likely to end soon. Well, if you think this best explains your case, you do not have to work on those research papers by yourself. You can assign some of that work to, which is a premier research writing service that can help you work around those research papers.

What Our Customers SayWhat Our Customers Say

Lucy, Quebec, Canada Essay on Literature, 5 pages, 8 hours, Undergraduate Apr 17, 18

Dear EssayThinker! I officially want to thank you for your help during the last 3 months. Due to some family issues I was not able to write my essays, research papers and that awful lab-reports. I'm sorry for not believing you first... Too many cheaters online. Now I can say that you are my lifesavers! Thank you!

Nataly, Arkansas, USA Coursework, Biology, 22 pages, 12 days, Graduate Mar 16, 18

My professors worships me) It's all thanks to you, folks! Thanks SOOO MUCCHHH!

Ron, Oceanside, USA Essays on different subjects, 23 pages (in general), 4 days, High School Mar 02, 18

Not bad... for now I'm not sure about this service as I'm waiting for my grades - but first impression is really very positive. Thanks guys for now...

John, New Jersey, USA Essay, Sociology, 7 pages, 4 days, Graduate Feb 02, 18

Hi guys! I would like to thank you for all written assignments you have done for me. I like the way every paper is performed. My favorite writer 12098 knows what to do, provides deep and thorough research, format all papers properly and cite all provided materials. I will come back next semester, with more orders and friends) Thanks again!

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    Here’s What Happens How We Can Be of Help to You

    We Are Good At It

    Over time, we have refined and perfected the art of coming up with top-notch and concise research papers that can earn you good grades. Writing a research paper involves of much work which spans from doing the actual research, aggregating findings, coming up with the actual content, and reviewing that content for submission. This requires effort, time, hard work and determination. This is an area where we are good at, and we can handle your research papers in a manner that will satisfy you.

    1. Since you have the freedom of selecting your topic, we will ensure that we adequately work on the topic that you choose. We will take your specifications like length, timeframe, and source materials into consideration. Your writer will come up with a solid thesis statement and will help you to identify the best materials to use in doing research and the actual writing of your paper.
    2. If you have a particular topic that you want to be worked on along with a set of resources, your assigned writer will base their research on those aspects.
    3. We will match your education level with a writer who has attained a higher educational level than the one you are pursuing. If you are an undergraduate, a writer who is a holder of a Master's degree will work on your paper. If you are a postgraduate student, then a Ph.D. level writer with vast expertise in that particular field will handle your paper.
    4. After all, details have been thoroughly worked out, and a writer is working on your paper, we will make sure that you are fully aware of the production process of your research paper. We will ensure that you are in contact with your writer and our customer support department so that you are privy to the production process. You can reach your writer or customer support if you have any queries regarding your research paper.
    5. Our services are credible and reliable, and when you use them, then you can rest assured of some outcomes.
    6. We value original work, and we will ensure that you get a paper that is entirely original.
    7. The writer working on your paper will do thorough research and will ensure that the research is relevant to your academics and level of study. Whether you are undergraduate or postgraduate, the writer will ensure that the research meets your current academic level. The resources you provide will also be factored in the research process depending on their relevance.
    8. The formatting style that you specify will feature throughout the document, and it will be to the best of standards. Our writing service has a keen focus on formats, and we will ensure that you get a paper with a concise format.
    9. We offer unlimited revisions, and we will review and revise your work until it meets your standards.
    10. We do not share your personal or other data with other parties. We store your data securely, and we do not use it for financial gain or for different reasons. Writers have access to the first name and customer number, which is relatively negligible.

    Why We Stand Out

    There are several paper writing services out there that may have better terms than we do, but in most cases, there is a catch. If they are offering cheap services, then the quality of their services could be questionable.

    Some of these services do not invest time and effort when doing these jobs, and they merely copy, paste and perform a few tweaks on the paper, and finally submit it to you. You end up getting a research paper of mediocre quality, and to make matters worse; you cannot ask for a revision since they have the money, and they just sent you your paper.

    Our services, on the contrary, are reliable and professional. We invest much time in what we do. Whether it is resources, formatting or originality, our editing department scours through all details to ensure that you get a paper that is of high quality.

    There Are Alternatives and Options

    There are lots of paper writing services on the web. The fact that you are currently reading this means you have an interest in what we have to offer with regards to research papers. We are long-term oriented, and we like to serve our customers adequately so we can continue working with them over the long haul. Give our service a try, and you will be amazed at what we can do.


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