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On Essay Thinker we provide a complete list of services. Starting with academic writing that includes essays, creative writing assignments, lad reports, case studies, movie and literature reports, research, term and thesis papers and up to dissertation help. Also, you can turn to us with any issue regarding resume writing or editing. What’s more, we do web content, copywriting, press releases and other types of business writing.


We respect your privacy and make sure all the information you provide us is kept safe. All data is encrypted and stored on secured servers. It is used for the purpose of providing the best user experience only and is never shared with a third-party member. What's more, we use a secure SSL certificate to perform all financial operations.


Not only do our writers have the most charming smiles we ever met, they each have an advanced college or university degree. We carefully test them for research and writing skills to make sure they are native English speakers (and did not skip their classes). We can proudly say that our core team has maintained its original composition through years. This enables us to choose the best from the best.

Here’s What Happens The Writing Process

Writing a Term Paper Step By Step

If you are in college or any other institution of higher learning, then the chances are high that you have come across term papers, or at least handled a couple of them in the course of your study. There is a small difference between a term paper and a research paper, and the difference boils down to the duration of submission and the freedoms that students have when it comes to selecting topics for their works.

Term papers, more often than not, are usually due when the semester comes to a close. This is more than enough time for students to come up with their paper, and the decision of writing it on their own or engaging the services of a term paper writing service is in their hands.

Further, term papers differ from research papers in the sense that course instructors and professors provide the topics of the paper. Instructors choose topics to test the understanding of the students regarding particular aspects of the course.

On the contrary, students are free to select the topics they want to write about when working on a research paper. Research papers often have limited timeframes, and students do not have all the time to work on the paper as is in term papers.

Term papers follow a unique curation process as do other academic writing tasks.

Selection of the Topic

Often, the course instructor provides at least four topics from which students can select. The term paper will revolve around the topic that the student has chosen.


Conducting research helps to find out relevant information about the task at hand. Before you come up with a suitable thesis for your term paper, you have to search for sources; whether they are books in the library or online resources, they will help you to come up with a rough idea of what you are going to write.

Assemble Relevant Research Materials

After you have understood the topic of the term paper, you have to gather resources that will help you to understand the subject of your term paper. There are tons of resources that you can use to accomplish this objective, but you must prioritize the resources that have been recommended by your instructor.

Organize Your Findings

After doing some research about the topic at hand, organize your findings into headlines and topics that are relevant to your thesis and subject. This will help you to come up with an appropriate structure for your paper.

Come Up With a Draft

After devising a structure for your article, begin writing your term paper. Often, a draft that is not less than 3000 words and not exceeding 5000 words suffices.

Work On Your Draft

After coming up with your draft paper, you should go through it and polish it. Reread it again and proofread it. Get rid of poorly structured sentences, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors. Make sure that your draft has a flow of ideas and content. Editing and refining the draft will help you to spot mistakes you made during the writing process.

Work On the Final Draft

After reviewing your draft, you need to prepare the final draft. You can achieve this by appropriately inserting citations and references.

Format Your Work

Formatting your work involves working on aspects like the table of contents, the layout of the document, fonts, citation requirements and the title. This should be per the instructions of the professor.

Coming up with a quality term paper is not the forte of many, and a majority of students cannot manage to write outstanding term papers. What's more, writing these term papers for four or five years is not a walk in the park. However, can be a helper as you cruise through your academics.

What Our Customers SayWhat Our Customers Say

Ron, Oceanside, USA Essays on different subjects, 23 pages (in general), 4 days, High School Mar 02, 18

Not bad... for now I'm not sure about this service as I'm waiting for my grades - but first impression is really very positive. Thanks guys for now...

Emma, Anaheim, USA Homework assignment, 8 hours, 3 pages, High School Oct 11, 17

Good. Everything is good. Some minor revisions were needed, but overall, I'm satisfied. Thank you, my writer 109!

Lucy, Quebec, Canada Essay on Literature, 5 pages, 8 hours, Undergraduate Apr 17, 18

Dear EssayThinker! I officially want to thank you for your help during the last 3 months. Due to some family issues I was not able to write my essays, research papers and that awful lab-reports. I'm sorry for not believing you first... Too many cheaters online. Now I can say that you are my lifesavers! Thank you!

Nathan, Queensland, Australia Paper, Literature, 12 pages, 5 days, Undergraduate Nov 05, 17

Keep me on track, guys! Your papers are better and better every day. Though I had problems with my writer first and some misunderstanding with Support agents - now everything is perfect! They got used to my demands and now I'm ordering only with! Thank you!

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    Here’s What Happens Will Help You With Your Term Paper

    Use Our Assistance

    The fact that you are reading this means that you have an interest in what we have to offer. Well, we do not disappoint. There are dozens of term paper writing services on the web, but you may want to try our service first. We write high-quality term papers, and you stand to benefit hugely from working with us. First, understand how we operate with regards to term paper writing.

    1. The team of writers has a solid academic background. A good number of the writers here are people who have taught in colleges and other institutions for years. When you place an order for a term paper, by an expert who holds a Master's degree will handle it.
    2. Our term paper writing service values customers and lets them specify how they want the paper handled. This is in a bid to ensure that you get what you ask. From the resources to be used to details like the topic, thesis statement, length of the paper and the delivery date: we give you all the latitude when it comes to your term paper. We want you to get a quality paper, as well as gain maximum value from working with us.
    3. Since term papers often touch on a variety of topics or subjects, we always look for individuals who have the requisite expertise and skills that match the requirements of your term paper.
    4. With regards to the overall writing process, you can monitor in detail the goings on of the writing process of your term paper. You reach your writer directly, and when the paper is complete, you can download it and approve it or request for revisions if it does not meet your standards.
    5. After receiving your term paper, we transfer its ownership to you and remove it from our system. We will not share it with another party, and you can rest assured that the paper is entirely original.

    The web is full of services that have a claim when it comes to custom paper writing. However, questions of reliability and professionalism emerge with these services. Some services are cheap, but this comes with downsides. It could be the quality or duration of delivery. At, we do not leave anything to chance. We ensure that the term papers we write are top-notch and reliable. We will walk with you when pursuing your studies, and we will ensure that the grades you register are impressive.


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