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On Essay Thinker we provide a complete list of services. Starting with academic writing that includes essays, creative writing assignments, lad reports, case studies, movie and literature reports, research, term and thesis papers and up to dissertation help. Also, you can turn to us with any issue regarding resume writing or editing. What’s more, we do web content, copywriting, press releases and other types of business writing.


We respect your privacy and make sure all the information you provide us is kept safe. All data is encrypted and stored on secured servers. It is used for the purpose of providing the best user experience only and is never shared with a third-party member. What's more, we use a secure SSL certificate to perform all financial operations.


Not only do our writers have the most charming smiles we ever met, they each have an advanced college or university degree. We carefully test them for research and writing skills to make sure they are native English speakers (and did not skip their classes). We can proudly say that our core team has maintained its original composition through years. This enables us to choose the best from the best.

Here’s What Happens The Devil In College Papers

What is common to paper writing and stress

Writing papers in college is not a forte for many students, and even those who can manage to write them well do not like doing them because of the effort that is required and other commitments that may come along. However, every semester, students take up a bunch of courses, and they are required to write papers in those distinct courses, and the number of these papers depends on the course instructor, the syllabus or the nature of the course itself.

Well, this does not sit well with a majority of students. What's more, as days come and go, the pressure continues to pile up - thanks to the lectures, assignments, and projects that demand your attention on a daily if not hourly basis.

Procrastination is another thing that bedevils students, and in most cases, students complete their papers at the last moments, despite having adequate time to finish the paper. Students fail to work on their papers for various reasons which may range from family matters to tight schedules.

In some cases, procrastination is what puts students in more trouble. When the course instructor extends the deadline for submission, there is a sense of relaxation that comes along. Often, students postpone working on the paper until a later date, and this is what leads to poorly done papers. This is because as time goes by, pressure from other courses piles up, leaving you with little time to focus on one course for an extended period.

The result is that you start looking for papers on the web, copy-pasting works of other people after some editing. Your professor or course instructor has been evaluating papers for a while now, and the chances are high that they are going to sniff plagiarism and penalize you for it. Whichever way you care to cut it through, students out there have their own reasons for not handling their papers in time.

You Are Not Out of Options, Nonetheless

No student wants to register poor grades, and as much as a paper may seem negligible, it matters a lot when it comes to the aggregate evaluation. clearly understands what is at stake here, and we have a team of experts and professional paper writers who know what course instructors want when they give an essay. If you find yourself in such an awkward situation regarding paper writing, you may want to reach our service so that you can get the help that you need. has three departments which include writers/researchers, the editors and customer support staff. These departments play vital roles, and they work in harmony to come up with papers that are outstanding.

What Our Customers SayWhat Our Customers Say

John, New Jersey, USA Essay, Sociology, 7 pages, 4 days, Graduate Feb 02, 18

Hi guys! I would like to thank you for all written assignments you have done for me. I like the way every paper is performed. My favorite writer 12098 knows what to do, provides deep and thorough research, format all papers properly and cite all provided materials. I will come back next semester, with more orders and friends) Thanks again!

Marry, Oklahoma, USA Essay, 3 pages, 12 hours, High School Dec 04, 17

Thank you, Essaythinker! I like the way my papers are written. Of course, sometimes, some issues take place but it's ok, I will recommend your essay services to my friends! Thanks)

Peter, Buckinghamshire, UK Essay, History, 5 pages, 4 days, Undergraduate Nov 30, 17

My professor is extremely picky and sometimes he doesn't accept papers even from the best students. Now he likes my papers ONLY. He does it only because all papers I have, were completed by your essay writers! Perfect grammar and sound, smooth flow and error-free APA format - AWESOME, guys!

Jeremia, Livonia, USA Research Paper, Physics, 15 pages, 48 hours, Graduate Nov 29, 17

This website always brings me perfect grades! I love you guys for all essays and research papers you have done for me so far, as well as I'm sure I will love those that I'm only gong to order! God bless you!

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    Here’s What Happens We Are Here To Have Your Back

    The People Behind The Writing Process


    These are the individuals who do research and write papers when college students place orders for papers. Our writers have Master's degrees, and they are responsible for writing content that touches on their particular area of study. Since we are in the business of coming up with custom papers, our writers work when a student orders a paper. Once the paper is complete, it is handed over to the client, and it becomes their property. This means that we neither retain it in our systems or re-sell it to other clients.

    Custom writing can only be effective if there is proper communication between the writer and the client. In this regard, therefore, we provide a personal account page to allow for messaging between the client and the writer. This arrangement also allows the client to upload any instructions and resources that they may want the writer to use when coming up with the paper.

    The Editors

    We value our clients, and we make sure that we deliver papers that are outstanding. Quality papers earn good grades, and this is what drives us to make the process of coming up with a custom paper rigorous. After the writer has completed the paper, it is passed over to our editors who give it a closer look. Our editors check for the style of writing, punctuation, spelling, grammar, and usage of vocabulary.

    Further, they check whether the article is in line with regards to the instructions of the client. They also check for the originality of the paper using specialized software. After the editing process, you can download the paper, and if you are not impressed, you can request for a revision.

    Customer Service Staff

    Responsible for receiving custom orders from clients and analyzing them, customer service staff play an essential role in our service. They maintain email communication, phone calls and chats with prospective clients, and they respond to issues or problems that the clients raise.

    Be Careful About the Services That You Contract

    There are dozens of online paper writing services on the web, and it is important to note that not all of those services are reliable or professional. A good number of these services do not offer quality services, and this is evident from how they handle orders and how they go about the paper writing process. Often, these services do not meet deadlines or adhere to the requirements of clients. Moreover, originality and revisions are not guaranteed, and this could cost you heavily regarding grading and evaluation of your essay.

    Some of these makeshift paper writing services exist to make quick dollars, and they do not value clients or their expectations.

    At, we have developed a culture of honesty and respect for our clients. The far we have come is a result of valuing our clients and treating them well such that there is room for long-term cooperation. We do not leave anything for chance, and we are at the forefront of writing quality papers. Over time, we have also cultivated a culture of hard work and trust within our company, and this has allowed us to scale to higher heights in the paper writing field.


    Media Journal
    • Type:PDF
    • Size:240.88 kB
    • Number of pages:1
    • Urgency:14 days
    • Academic level:Undergraduate
    • Subject area:Journalism
    Commercial Aviation Regulation
    • Type:PDF
    • Size:141.96 kB
    • Number of pages:1
    • Urgency:48 hours
    • Academic level:Undergraduate
    • Subject area:Management
    Connecting "Fathers and Sons" by Ivan Turgenev to Russian History
    • Type:PDF
    • Size:150.38 kB
    • Number of pages:4
    • Urgency:24 hours
    • Academic level:Undergraduate
    • Subject area:Literature
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