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Revision Policy

We want all of our customers to be completely happy with their experiences at, and this includes, of course the most important part of that satisfaction – the written products they receive! Sometimes, a customer may not be completely happy with a product, and we have developed a policy for that customer to request and receive revisions. Please read through this carefully, so that you understand the process for requesting and obtaining revisions.

The Revision Request Process

Before you place a request for a revision, please check the following:

  • Your request for a revision should not alter the original details of your order. For example, if your original order stipulated a research paper of 8 pages with 5 resources, it is not allowable for you to request a free revision that asks for 10 pages and 6 resources. This significantly changes the order. We will be happy to revise your product, but you must understand that there will be an additional charge.
  • If your revision does constitute a change from the original order, please get in touch with the customer service department to discuss the request and to receive a pricing quote.
  • There is no charge for revision requests that do not alter the terms of the original specifications, and you may request as many as you need until you are fully satisfied.
  • It is important that you review your completed order before clicking the “approve” button. This is the best time to request any changes, and they can be completed quite quickly
  • If, after you have received your order, you then decide that you wish some revisions, you will have 7 days to request them. For larger works of more than 20 pages, you will have 14 days to review and make your requests. After this deadline, there will be an additional charge, and we ask that you contact customer service with your request and to receive a price quote.
  • You are more than welcome to request a different writer for your revisions, and we will find one who is qualified to complete them.

Free Revisions

Your revisions will be free under the following conditions:

  1. Your request does not change your original order instructions and specifications
  2. You request is made within the timeframe for revisions
  3. You request your revisions using the link on your personal account page or by contacting customer service by email or written message. When you request revisions, we need to know exactly what part(s) of your piece you want revised and how you want it revised. Without that information, we cannot serve you well. So, please, remember they must be in writing.

Revisions Requiring Additional Cost

You may, at any time, request revisions which alter your original instructions, with the understanding that there may be additional charges. Under these circumstances, there will be an additional cost:

  • Revision requests that require additional pages or resources. In these cases, please be as specific as you can so that we can calculate the additional cost and present you with it before any work begins.
  • If your revision request comes after the deadline for such requests, there will be an additional charge. Your procedure is to contact customer service, in writing, request the specific revisions, and then receive a price quote. If the deadline for requests has passed, you will be asked to place a new order for your revisions and customer service can help you do this.

Revision Requests While a Product is in Process

There are times when a customer has been mis-informed or has forgotten about some of the requirements for a piece of writing that has already been ordered. This happens, and we try to accommodate those revisions as best we can. Please understand, however, that if your writer is well into production and you make change requests, an additional charge will apply. If those changes are made before a writer has begun, we can accommodate you at no additional cost.

Please check the instructions you have provided at the time of order placement. If you have failed to include something, notify customer service as quickly as possible to avoid additional cost.