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This policy is written for protection – yours and ours. It will explain to you some general “rules” and procedures. For a full explanation of our policies, we urge you to read through all of our policy pages, so that you completely understand how we operate and the rights and responsibilities you have when you use our writing service. We want to be completely transparent with our customers – that is the only way to ethically conduct business!

Product Use: When you purchase a product or service from us, you must understand that it is for your personal use only. We intend it for reference and research purposes and do not bear any responsibility for your course grades or any other results from the use of our products or services.

Your Contact Information:  You must give us accurate contact information, including an email address and a telephone number. We may need to get in touch with you, and if you fail to provide us with this information, there can be delays in product production and delivery – delays for which we cannot be responsible.

Order Cancellation: We understand that there may be times when you need to cancel an order. If you do so before a writer has been assigned, you may expect a full refund. If, however, a writer has begun work on your order, any refund will be pro-rated, based upon the amount of work that has already begun. You may choose to apply any refund amount to a future order.

Research Resources: If the customer does not designate specific resources to be used, the assigned writer will use those source materials that are most appropriate for the topic and for the academic level of the student. If, however, the customer needs specific resources, the following will apply: It is the customer’s responsibility to identify those specific resources. If they are easily available to the writer, the writer will access them. If, however, they are not readily available, it is the client’s responsibility to upload them into his personal account or to send them to our customer service department for transfer to the writer. If we are required to purchase resource materials, the cost will be added to the customer’s order price, and it is the responsibility of the customer to pay for them. Please check below page for the time frame within which the resources must be provided. It is based upon your deadline. Any delay in uploading resource materials to the writer may result in delay of order completion, and we cannot be held responsible for that delay.

Customer Instructions: It is our policy to comply with any instructions that the customer provides when s/he places an order. We urge you to carefully complete all fields in the order form, so that we have all of these specifics. If you have forgotten to provide some important instructions, please let us know immediately, so that your writer can be informed. You can provide additional instructions by contacting our customer service department or by messaging your writer directly through your account page. Please understand that if additional instructions are given after your writer has already begun work on your product, an additional charge may apply. Sometimes, your writer will need clarification of the instructions you have given. You must check your email and your account page on our site frequently, so that requests for clarification are responded to quickly. If you fail to respond to questions, your order may be delayed, and we are then not responsible for a missed deadline.

Revision Requests: If you want our writer to revise or to re-write any portions of the final product you receive, you have two options. You can message your writer directly through your account page or contact customer service with your request. If your request does not change your original order instructions, these revisions are done for free. If your request changes your original order, please understand that an additional charge may apply.

Plagiarism: Please read through our policy page on plagiarism. We have a zero-tolerance policy, and we do run a plagiarism scan on all writing that is produced by our writers. If you suspect plagiarism, please contact our customer service department. We will be happy to provide the plagiarism scan report on your product.

Electronic/Technical Issues: On rare occasions, there have been problems with power outages, breakdowns of servers, and other electronic issues. These are beyond our control, obviously, and we cannot be responsible for delays that occur from these issues.

Making Payment for Orders: When you place an order, you automatically agree for our company to charge your credit/debit card, you PayPal account, or your bank, according to the payment venue you have identified. We want you to understand that no work will begin on your order until payment has been received. In some circumstances, we may ask for additional information to verify your identity. Please forward the requested documents quickly, so that no delays in production occur.

Cancelling an Order: This happens, and we try to be as understanding as possible. If you must cancel an order, you must do so by calling or emailing us immediately. If we have not yet assigned a writer to your order, you can expect a full refund, which you can also apply to a future order – your choice. If we have already assigned a writer, however, things become a bit more complicated. We will check with the writer and determine how much work s/he has already completed, and that writer will be paid for that work. This is only fair. If a writer has already begun on your cancelled order, you will receive a partial refund, the amount to be determined by us.

Deadlines for Delivery: We encourage you to set a deadline that is a day or two before you actually have to submit your writing assignment to your instructor or professor. This gives you time to review the product and ask for any revisions you may want. To date, we have an impeccable rate of meeting deadlines, but sometimes they are missed because of the failure of the customer to provide accurate contact information, to provide resource materials quickly, rare technical issues, or failure of a customer to respond to questions from his/her writer or from us. In these instances, we are not responsible for deadline delivery delays.

Resource Materials Provided by the Customer: If there are specific resources that must be used, and if you are responsible for uploading these materials to your writer, the following deadlines apply, based upon your deadline for the completed piece of writing:

  • An 8-hour deadline if your completed product is due from 48 hours – 14 days
  • A 1-hour deadline if your completed product is due within 12-24 hours
  • A 30-minute deadline if your completed product is due within less than 12 hours

You MUST meet these deadlines for us to meet your completion deadline!

Academic Level of Customer: On the order form, there will be a field for you to indicate your academic level – high school, undergraduate, or graduate. Please be certain that you indicate the correct level, because this directly relates to the resources and the style of writing your writer will use. If you indicate the incorrect level, you may receive a product that is not appropriate. If you discover that you have indicated the wrong academic level, you must contact us immediately, because this can even impact the writer who is assigned to your order. If you do not contact us with this correction, we cannot be responsible for the end product or any delays that may occur in getting the appropriate piece of writing to you.

Customer Payment: Payment for an order is expected at the time of submission, and we cannot move forward on your order until this occurs. If there are any delays in processing your order, due to delays in payment, your deadline may be missed, and we cannot be responsible for those delays. No product will be delivered if there is an outstanding payment balance.

Using Our Customer Service Department: We want to be available to our customers at all times, and this is why we man our customer service department 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Whatever problems or issues you may have, these professionals are here to help you, so contact them with any questions or issues, and you will receive immediate responses.

Legal Issues: We are not privy to any local, regional, state, or national laws or regulations that govern purchases of products and/or services from online retailers. It is your responsibility to be informed of any such laws and regulations and to abide by them. Please understand also that we support all local law enforcement agencies as they combat cybercrime and fraud, and we will cooperate fully if fraud or other cybercrime is investigated.

Our Use of Cookies: You are certainly aware that all online retailers use cookies. Perhaps you have searched for products or services and find that those companies then place targeted ads on your home page or your social media accounts. We are no different. You can always disable cookies, however, this may result in our failure to provide you with important information regarding our services, discounts, special sales, etc.

General Communication with Our Clients: When a client places an order with us and automatically agrees to our “Terms and Conditions” (published on this site), that client agrees to receive emails from us relative to new services, special offers and promotions, etc. You have the right to opt out of these communications by following the “unsubscribe” instructions that come with every communication.